Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Free Throw

Free Throw are a five-piece emo/indie/punk band from Nashville, Tennessee that formed in 2012. These guys dropped their debut full-length album this year on Count Your Lucky Stars, and it is absolutely phenomenal. They can easily be compared to the plethora of modern twinkly/emo revival bands that seem to multiply by the daily. So when a band like Free Throw comes along, who fit into that niche, but simultaneously stand out so much in it, you know you're in for something good. They make masterful use of their vocals, which are often harmonised. They are also often very harsh, which is more akin to bands like Old Gray and Tiny Moving Parts, which is a nice contrast to their Snowing-esque instrumentation. They write insanely catchy songs, which sound very distinct from each other, and occasionally incorporate elements that lean on the border of sounding pop punk. If you're looking for new emo bands that aren't You Blew It! and friends, Free Throw are the exact band you need to be listening to.

1. A Wild Pidgey Appeared
2. Lvl. 2 Pidgey In A Masterball
3. My High
4. My Low
5. An Hour Pissed
6. Gersberms!

1. Slam With The Best Or Jam With The Rest
2. Now Kith
3. Lavender Town
4. Pennsylvania Dutch

1. Free Throw - Pallet Town
2. Grandview - Concrete

1. Such Luck
2. Two Beers In
3. Good Job, Champ
4. Tongue Tied
5. Pallet Town
6. An Hour Pissed
7. Kim Tastie
8. How I Got My Shrunken Head
9. Let's Get Invisible
10. What Day Is It, October?
11. Hey Ken, Someone Methodically Mushed The Donuts

1. Open Window
2. Rinse. Repeat.
3. Randy, I Am The Liquor
4. Weight On My Chest
5. Hope Spot
6. Weak Tables
7. Andy And I, Uh...
8. Cal Ripken Jr. Johnson
9. Dead Reckoning
10. Better Have Burn Heal
11. Victory Road


  1. Radiator Hospital please

  2. The Hotelier would be cool. If you haven't jammed Home, Like NoPlace is There yet you're seriously missing out. It's easily my AOTY for 2014 and their early stuff is pretty great too.

    Another band I've been having difficulty tracking stuff down from is Gantz, so doing them would be cool too.

    Finally, (this is more of a recommendation than a request since all their shit is free on their bandcamp) but Aporia are pretty rad Polish screamo if you haven't checked 'em out yet.

    aight I'm done

  3. The have a Christmas split with Oso Oso (formerly osoosooso, and also a band you should do) in which they do a really good cover of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer