Thursday, 29 August 2019

Olde Pine

Olde Pine are a three-piece indie/emo/punk band from Worcester, Massachusetts that began in 2011. They've been nothing but awesome since then, being with some energetic, twinkle-heavy fests, and continuing to change and mature, bringing consistently strong instrumental and songwriting chops to the table. Fans of bands like Coping, Our Sunday Affairs, and Tawny Peaks can definitely jam to this. Enjoy.

1. For Twinny
2. Dutch Apple Pie
3. That's Gift

1. for twinny
2. dutch apple pie

1. Foreskin Jetpack
2. Samsquamch
3. Bob Cousy's Queezy Woozie Koozie

1. Liquor Quickly

1. Ham Porter
2. Buy A Pound, Smoke A Pound
3. Delgrengo's
4. Ray Ramano's Re-Runs
5. Mr. Pavo's Jackhammer Tricks
6. Dope Anchor
7. King Tut's Burial Mask Has Been "Irreversibly Damaged"
8. The Hot Stuff
9. I'm Gonna Shoot (cr-Emo)
10. Why Not Piss Outside?

1. Wax & Wane
2. Have A Bad Day
3. Caught In A Feeling