Tuesday, 21 May 2019


Frail were a five-piece straight edge hardcore/emo band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that were around from 1993 to 1996. They released three EP's and a split in their time, all of which were compiled in 2000 on Make Your Own Noise. Severely underrated but incredibly influential (on Saetia, to name one), Frail made a name for themselves as an "emocore" band in the truest sense. They took the metallic hardcore aggression of bands like Unbroken and infused it with the passionate screams and dissonant/melodic blend of bands like Portraits Of Past. Their limited output resulted in a virtually-perfect discography, which is an absolute must-listen for fans of screamo in its early stages. Members of Frail also later played in Ink & Dagger. Enjoy.

1. American As Apple Pie
2. Simply By The Book
3. Firecracker
4. Industry
5. Spoken
6. Brothers And Sisters
7. Obscene Jigsaw Puzzle
8. Static
9. Inquisition
10. Love
11. Ideal
12. Fautless
13. Blister
14. Decade
15. Paradise Lost
16. Revolution

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