Saturday, 10 February 2018

Basic White

Basic White are a four-piece band from London, Ontario who play that old time rock n roll. Their debut EP, Long Time Comin', came out in November 2016. This thing is five tracks of killer hooks and riffs, complimented by some slick leads and blues-tinged rhythms. Fans of other great Canadian rock bands such as The Trews or Sam Roberts will definitely see the appeal here. They've got a fantastic kick-back and let loose energy to them, which really translates well in a live setting. Check out their latest video for the song "Glory Years" below. If it suits ya fancy, I definitely recommend picking up the full EP, which is available below and well worth the listen. Enjoy!

1. Glory Years
2. Something In Between
3. Willing & Able
4. Waiting For Change
5. Way Up