Friday, 11 December 2015

Alex G

Alex G (short for Alexander Giannascoli) is an indie/lo-fi singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that got started in 2010. He began posting self-recorded songs on Bandcamp, which is what began gaining him attention. In the past few years he's put out a slew of albums, and earlier this year he released his first major record, Beach Music, following the success of his last album, DSU. Alex G's sound is quite hard to pinpoint, though the Elliott Smith comparisons are a good place to start. The whisper-thin vocals, off-kilter chord voicings, intimate acoustic guitar, and sparse background instrumentation (drums, bass, the occasional keyboard) are the Matthew, Mark, Luke and John of Elliott Smith's first few records. All of these do seep into Alex G's music, thus the comparison, in addition to that very brittle, lo-fi atmosphere that's quite definitive of both artists.

Of course the songwriting, lyrics, vocals, etc. of Smith are superior, but it's no competition, and Alex G is certainly a worthy disciple. Not to say that the similarities are astounding, Alex G certainly has enough to experiment with in his own songs to make himself quite distinct. The similarity is just an easy jumping off point to get a rough idea of what he's all about. Regardless, enough rambling, I'm sure many of you know who Alex G is, since he's been one of the most requested bands I've ever had, so please do enjoy.

1. Remember
2. The Same
3. TV
4. Gnaw
5. Trash
6. House
7. Crab
8. Go Away
9. Let It Go
10. Things To Do
11. Time/Space
12. Cross Country
13. Race

1. Sandy

1. Hitting So Hard
2. Freedom
3. Stop
4. Talking
5. Blew
6. Big World
7. Dust
8. Math
9. Sometimes
10. Get Happy
11. Explain

1. In My Blood
2. Think
3. My Friend
4. Buttercan
5. Big Problems
6. Oh, Okay


1. Memory
2. Forever
3. Animals
4. String
5. Advice
6. People
7. Whale
8. Trick
9. Kute
10. So
11. Mary
12. Change
13. Clouds
14. Adam (Bonus Track)
15. Sarah (Bonus Track)
16. 16 Mirrors (Bonus Track)

1. Water
2. Come Back
3. Fighting
4. Wicked Boy
5. Candy
6. Mis
7. Master
8. New
9. Know Now
10. Rules
11. Message

2. The Cutie

1. Joy
2. Fishing

1. Sleeping
2. Paint
3. Tripped
4. Amof
5. Untitled

1. Alex G - Magic Mirror
2. Alex G - Adam
3. Alex G - Trade
4. R.L. Kelly - Everyday
5. R.L. Kelly - The Voices
6. R.L. Kelly - Fake Out

1. After Ur Gone
2. Serpent Is Lord
3. Harvey
4. Rejoyce
5. Black Hair
6. Skipper
7. Axesteel
8. Sorry
9. Promise
10. Icehead
11. Hollow
12. Tripper
13. Boy

1. Intro
2. Bug
3. Thorns
4. Kicker
5. Salt
6. Look Out
7. Brite Boy
8. In Love
9. Walk
10. Mud
11. Ready
12. Station
13. Snot


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  3. I hear a lot of David Pajo influence. Certainly has his own thing going though. Thanks for these.


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  7. does anyone know where i can find the song zuicide? i downloaded an album that looked like this somewherea while ago but then things got wiped and ididnt know it wld be this hard to find rip :---(

    1. lads !! its not from the same place i got it before but henoheno made a compilation of some more unreleased stuff here: !!
      peak it shows u deleted the comment

  8. u're a angelllllllllllll

  9. Yeah, we love you, Sophie.♡

  10. Rocket, please. Thank you for everything!

  11. Saw him live in Dallas it was tight!