Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Andrew Koji Shiraki (who just goes by Koji) is a singer-songwriter from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He got started upon signing to Run For Cover in 2010. With nothing but his own voice and acoustic guitar, he managed to write some incredibly catchy and compelling songs that caught the attention of anyone who heard them. His voice is fantastic, and there's this energy when he performs that overflowing with passion and sincerity, which is what makes his music so powerful. He's heavily involved in numerous organisations and charities, which just goes to show that his passions are so strong that they go outside of just music. His more recent material, and debut full-length (which is now two years old) incorporate more instrumentation, which just elevate his core songwriting to new levels.

Koji is one person I definitely encourage you to support, not only is his music amazing, but he just flat-out seems like a great guy. Most of his music is available through his music on a Name-Your-Price basis, which is commendable and deserving of anything that can be given. If that's not a possibility, enjoy it here. I should have done a post on him long ago, so here it is, very overdue (as so many posts are, haha). Enjoy.

1. Eating Lemons
2. Monsters/Stay
3. Most Of Everything
4. Color Quiet Loud
5. Like We Do
6. To The Dogs
7. Little Bird
8. Minute 7
9. Wagon Wheel
10. Spring Song

1. Eating Lemons
2. Waking Up
3. Stay
4. Windows (Live)
5. Color Quiet Loud

1. Into It. Over It. - Wicker Park
2. Into It. Over It. - Humboldt
3. Into It. Over It. - Ravenswood
4. Into It. Over It. - Pilsen
5. Into It. Over It. - Logan Square
6. Koji - Most Of Everything
7. Koji - All Below
8. Koji - Matches
9. Koji - Shift
10. Koji - Giants Sleeping

1. La Dispute - Sunday Morning, At A Funeral
2. Koji - Peacemaker
3. La Dispute - Last Blues
4. Koji - Biomusicology

1. Chasing A Ghost
2. Near And Far
3. Spinning Silent
4. Distance/Divide
5. Fragile Times
6. Creeping
7. In The Line
8. Pang And Flash
9. What You Leave Behind

8. Breaking And Broken

Note: Full comp here

1. Hemlock
2. Like We Do
3. Placeholders
4. Matters (Of The Heart And Mind)

1. Fury
2. Breaking And Broken
3. Everyday
4. Question


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