Sunday, 15 February 2015

Allison Weiss

First and foremost, thank you so much to Andrew Canfield for sharing all of this with me/you.

Allison Weiss is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She's been writing and playing music for the majority of her life, and has finally made a name for herself, through her work with other artists, as well as her affiliation with No Sleep Records. Allison garnered attention through the internet, by posting videos on YouTube, as well as a Kickstarter account to have her first album recorded. She's been keeping busy since then, knocking out song after song of her unique brand of indie pop, all led by her amazing voice and talented songwriting. She is so cool, she is so punk. Please try and buy her music or go to her shows, she really deserves the support. Enjoy.

1. Competition
2. I'm Ready
3. Number Six
4. I Don't Want To Be Here
5. Love & War
6. Perfectly Alright
7. Analogy
8. Song Of Hope

1. Let's Leave
2. July 25, 2007
3. Yer Goin' Down (Or Terror On The High Seas)
4. Let Me Go (Live At Wonder Root)
5. Stay Right Now
6. Boston (Or The End Part 2)

1. I'm Ready
2. Try To Understand
3. July 25, 2007
4. Let's Leave
5. Time
6. Yer Goin' Down
7. I Had To Do It
8. What I Need
9. Umbrella (Rihanna cover)
10. I Don't Want To Be Here
11. The End
12. The End Pt. 2

1. I'm Ready
2. I Don't Want To Be Here
3. The End
4. Let Me Go
5. The Disappearing Act
6. Daybreak

1. What I Need
2. Daybreak
3. Try To Understand (Live)
4. Break My Heart (Live)
5. The Disappearing Act
6. The End

1. I Was An Island
2. Fingers Crossed
3. From You To Me
4. July 25, 2007
5. You + Me + Alcohol
6. Try To Understand
7. Why Bother
8. Yer Goin Down
9. Ghost Stories
10. Let's Leave

1. Wait For Me (Acoustic)
2. Wait For Me (Live in San Diego)

11. Let Me Go (Live)

1. I Was An Island (EP Version)
2. Don't Go (EP Version)
3. Why Bother (The Age Of Rockets Remix)
4. I Was An Island

1. When We Get There
2. I Had To Do It
3. Stay Right Now
4. Oh Yeah See
5. I Don't Wanna Be Here
6. Here Comes Morning
7. Boston (ft. Chris Mansfield of Fences)
8. The Disappearing Act
9. Here's The Plan
10. I'm Ready
11. December
12. What I Need

1. Making It Up
2. Making It Up (Alternate)

1. Making It Up
2. One Way Love
3. Nothing Left
4. I Was An Island
5. How To Be Alone
6. Wait For Me
7. Don't Go
8. Hole In Your Heart
9. Say What You Mean
10. I'll Be Okay

1. Making It Up (Sideways Sessions Version)
2. One Way Love (Sideways Sessions Version)
3. Nothing Left (Sideways Sessions Version)
4. I Was An Island (Sideways Sessions Version)
5. How To Be Alone (Sideways Sessions Version)
6. Wait For Me (Sideways Sessions Version)
7. Don't Go (Sideways Sessions Version)
8. Hole In Your Heart (Sideways Sessions Version)
9. Say What You Mean (Sideways Sessions Version)
10. I'll Be Okay (Sideways Sessions Version)

1. Au Revoir (Adios) (The Front Bottoms cover)

1. Remember When
2. Giving Up
3. The Fall
4. Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn cover)
5. Take You Back

1. The Sound
2. Who We Are
3. Counting Down
4. Golden Coast
5. Back To Me
6. Good Way
7. Out Of This Alive
8. Over You
9. Motorbike
10. New Love
11. The Same


  1. Is that girl the same one like this which is singing the last cover from Rihanna ?

  2. Any chance you could reupload A.W.'s An Eight Song Tribute..., The Only Girl at an All Boys Pool Party, Winter Mixtape, and Say What You Mean Sideways Sessions?