Friday, 21 November 2014

Cruel Hand

Cruel Hand are a five-piece hardcore band from Portland, Maine that formed in 2006. Since they began, they've been keeping very active and have certainly set themselves apart with their unique style of hardcore. Their page puts it best, describing them as "equal parts New York hardcore and west coast thrash". They do still stick to the classic chug of Madball, they go beyond that as they go further into their career. Their intelligible vocals, hard rock attitude, and inclusion of guitar solos are just part of what defines them and has helped them garner such a large fan base that goes beyond hardcore purists. They've worked with labels such as 6131, Triple B, Bridge 9, and Hopeless. Also, if anyone has their Sound and Fury set, please send it to me! Cruel Hand have been requested forever, so here they finally are, enjoy!

FFO: No Warning, Trash Talk, Expire, Backtrack, Bane

1. Without A Pulse
2. Trust Me
3. Fact or Fiction
4. Lack Thereof
5. Severe Character Flaw
6. Crashing Down
7. Nothing Between Us
8. Under The Ice
9. Never Fall
10. The Countdown

1. Above And Below
2. Dead Weight
3. Life In Shambles
4. Begin Descension
5. Motions That Lie
6. Hounds
7. Damaged Goods
8. Heart Failure
9. No Known Graves
10. Prying Eyes
11. House Arrest
12. Wisdom Pain

1. Life In Shambles
2. House Arrest

1. Cruel Hand
2. Still

1. Lock & Key
2. Cruel Hand
3. Day Or Darkness
4. Broken Glass
5. Labyrinth
6. One Cold Face
7. Rotations Of Hurt
8. Dismissed
9. Two Fold
10. The Bottom (Of Munjoy Hill)

9. Intro/Face To Face

1. Vigilant Citizen
2. Cheap Life

1. Heat
2. 3's
3. In Time We Strike

1. Pissing - Spitting
2. Battery Steele
3. Why Would I
4. The Negatives
5. Scars For The Well-Behaved
6. Heat
7. Unhinged - Unraveled
8. Monument Square People
9. Vigilant Citizen
10. Gasoline
11. Still
12. Cheap Life

1. Nowhere, Nothing, Never
2. Decompose
3. King
4. Dead Eyes Watching
5. Too Far From That
6. Your World Won't Listen
7. Through With You
8. Deep Six Hole
9. In This Alone
10. Buried Inside
11. Liquid Paper
12. Threes


  1. There are actually 2 "self titled", theres the Cruel Hand demo that is missing and the Cruel Hand 7 inch that came out before Lock and Key. It featured the song Cruel Hand and a b-side Still, which strangely enough was re-recorded for The Negatives. You should have it because it was in the files I sent you. Life In Shambles is the 7 inch for Prying Eyes but just has 2 recordings from the album on it and it not really needed. But the Live at sound and fury im really hoping someone has. I own one of the 500 copies and have been searching so long for a high quality rip of it!

  2. Can you please post the discography of the UK metal/hardcore band Desolated?