Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts are a three-piece emo/screamo band from Moorhead, Minnesota which formed in 2008 when they were still in high school. The band consists of two brothers (bass/vocals and drums) and their cousin (guitar/vocals), I call that a fam jam (#cringeworthylilwaynejokes). Anyway, these guys blow me away. For a three-piece, their sound is so tight, and they have masterfully established themselves as one of the front runners in the modern emo/screamo scene, along with great bands such as Old Gray, Native, Grown Ups, and the Merchant Ships-related bands. The trade-off vocal parts, the bright and twinkly guitars, as well as the math rock-level technical bits of the bass and drums are some of the distinctive characteristics that comprise Tiny Moving Parts' sound. They are one of those bands that make you want to sing along and cry along to at the same time, you know? Basically one of the best kind of bands. The vocals can be super catchy, but with some emotionally hard-hitting lyrics relating to topics such as nostalgia. They just got signed to Triple Crown, and for a fucking good reason. Check out all of this stuff below, though the early things are from when they were in high school, so the quality of recording and such is questionable, but the later stuff is absolutely killer, both for the music and production value. Enjoy.

1. The Poem
2. De La Exsorta
3. Me Vs. The Eohippus
4. The Mountain That Climbed Itself
5. Sfumato
6. The Accents From The Backwinds
7. The Sea That Drowned Itself
8. Searching For The Orang Pendek, With Biotite Eyes
9. Moving To Antarctica

1. sfumato ('08)

1. For the Sake of Brevity
2. I Remember My First Bear P.1
3. I Remember My First Bear P.2
4. Weather Too Unbearable For Bear To Bare
5. You Have No Idea How High I Can Fly
6. I Don't Care, Larry Bird?
7. We Don't Cross Fingers
8. I'll Sum This Up

1. We Don't Cross Fingers... LIVE
2. I'll Sum This Up LIVE

1. De La Exsorta

1. I'd Rather Soar With The Thought Of Birds Carrying Us Away
2. I'm Still Here, You're Still There

1. Old Maid
2. Coffee With Tom

1. Dakota
2. Along the Lakeside
3. Grayscale
4. Vacation Bible School
5. Clouds Above My Head
6. I
7. Waterbed
8. Amateur Night
9. II
10. John P.

1. Old Gray - Clip Your Own Wings
2. Old Gray - An Epitaph
3. Tiny Moving Parts - Swimming Lessons
4. Tiny Moving Parts - Fair Trade

1. Sundress
2. Always Focused
3. Fourth Of July
4. I Hope Things Go The Way I Hope
5. Whiskey Waters
6. Movies
7. The Better Days
8. Boxcar
9. Spring Fever
10. Entrances & Exits
11. Skinny Veins
12. Van Beers

1. Good Enough
2. Happy Birthday
3. Birdhouse
4. Headache
5. Common Cold
6. Stay Warm
7. Breathe Deep
8. Volumes
9. Minnesota
10. Minnow

1. Applause
2. Smooth It Out
3. Feel Alive
4. Caution
5. Wildfire
6. Whale Watching
7. It's Too Cold Tonight
8. Malfunction
9. Wishbone
10. Warm Hand Splash


  1. This is awesome, thanks. I've been meaning to listen to their stuff for a while now.

    Think we could get Wild Moth?

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  3. Ah, thank you. I didn't even realize they had put out so many releases. I knew about Coffee With Tom/Moving To Antarctica, but I didn't realize they had so many releases before This Couch Is Long.

  4. Your link for WRWRTOIFOW doesn't have a file at the end of it! Thought you'd like to know!

  5. i'm dying for Celebrate :'c thanks for every link you upload :)

  6. i think celebrate leaked btw. thanks

  7. We want swell!
    Please sophie's floorboards gods we need swell!

  8. I remember hating these dudes when I heard first heard them years ago, thinking they had some of the cringiest lyrics I'd ever heard. Idk if they matured a shitload, or maybe I changed, but I just listened to Swell and I was completely blown away. Absolutely incredible. Now thanks to this awesome site, I'm gonna start with Swell and work backwards. Will update with my findings lol

  9. does anyone have a digital version of "Organs" the b-side to "Caution" off of Swell? I can't find it anywhere.