Saturday, 27 October 2012


Ravachol are a four-piece screamo band from the UK. They got started in early 2011 I think, and unfortunately broke up earlier this year (2012). They're female-fronted, the guitar's fairly clean, you'll definitely like them if you're into La Quiete, Raein, Suis La Lune, etc., if you haven't heard them already. They put out two EP's and a split. There's also a remastered version of Great Moments In The Void on their Bandcamp if you want to check that out too (and if you really want to download that and enjoy being cheap [don't we all?] just leave a comment and I'll upload it too). Enjoy.

1. Just Another Month
2. Great Moments In The Void
3. Know / Learn
4. Meinhof
5. Sale Sell Sold

1. Ravachol - Three
2. Ravachol - Equilibrium
3. We Came Out Like Tigers - The Sailor Does Not Pray For Wind, He Learns To Sail
4. We Came Out Like Tigers - Do Not Say Reduced To Tears

1. Futile Theoretic
2. Prerequisite Silence
3. Sono Un Robot
4. A Brief Allegory On Wasted Time


  1. yeah you could upload the remastered version of Great Moments In The Void please! Ravachol was so good but I read that some members of Ravachol formed another band would be great: D thank you very much for discography

  2. Hey, glad you like it/them. A few thing: first, a member of the band said on their that "Me and Greg have a new band called Xenophanes coming soon, with Tal (ex goodtime boys) Like Ravachol but more cosmic!" That might be it. Second: I messed up, thanks for making me check. I uploaded the remastered version (with the old artwork, which I prefer anyway). It's bit rate is 320 kbps, standard good quality. The first version I have is 128 kbps (ehh...). You can compare the two on their bandcamp (both at 320 kbps, they're not radically different. I'll upload it anyway as soon as I can.

  3. Was Great Moments in The Void recorded by the same Thom Weeks that's in Gnarwolves?

    1. I'm not sure man, sorry, but that definitely seems possible.

    2. No worries man, I found out from one of the guys in the band that it was