Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Single Dads

So this is a band request, but I am really, really enjoying this. I highly recommend you check it out,  this band is great. Unfortunately, they went on hiatus last month. But still, good band.

"Single Dads is a math rock turned emo revival(ish) band fronted by songwriter Aaron Dawson. This three piece from Morgantown, WV formed in 2010. Its influences include Braid, Tigers Jaw and The Dismemberment Plan. Includes members from Its BirdsRussian Tombstones, and Koko Sing (all WV ensembles) [If I, Kevin, may briefly interject, I quickly checked them all out. They all sounded good, I'll definitely be revisiting them when I can. Koko Sing, in particular. But enough about that, the focus is on the awesome band Single Dads here. Though it appears that I wrote just as much about the affiliated projects than the band did about themselves]".


  1. could you guys do posts for FIDLAR and wavves maybe?